We are controls system integrators- not a controls “dealer.” A controls dealer is someone who has signed up with a particular manufacturer to promote and sell their product. They are always focusing on a product quota so, as their customer, you never know if they are being sold last week's old beef in the form of “the meatloaf special!”

We do not have quotas; we are not “dealers.” We pick best of breed technology for every project- customized for YOUR needs- not based on product promotion. We are experts at integrating disparate systems with one another- often times having no hardware requirements! We just create the software communication links and Voila! you get all the data from your equipment, visible right on your web browser. Again, no proprietary software required- just a browser! Call us and find out how our “Integration Magic” can transform your environment.


We are HVAC experts focusing on extreme comfort. Did you know that it is not proper to feel the air blowing on the back of your neck from an air conditioner? With proper design, by the time the air reaches occupants, it should be minimally detectable. Also, did you know that it is proper (and easy!) to design a forced air system with zero air noise? Oh yeah!

Increasing comfort and decreasing energy consumption are not mutually exclusive propositions. In fact, just the opposite! Increasing comfort with proper design should always reduce energy consumption. We design, implement, analyze and improve HVAC systems all across the United States- from very high-end residential to commercial. When you want precision, comfort, peacefulness, coziness (you get the picture) JP Certified is the team to turn to!


We are true energy experts. We can walk through a home or commercial building and very quickly assess the status of your systems vis a vis energy and performance. We call this a Step One Inspection. We analyze the energy bills and cross reference this with local weather data and building systems infrastructure. Then, our carefully crafted software spits out the algorithms that yield a recipe for upgrades and improvements. Whether you are after optimized building performance or energy reductions, give us a call to set up a walkthrough. You never knew how much more horsepower you had sitting under the hood!